The Wedding and the Dark Tower

Tuesday was a success. I finished chapter 13 and went to the library. Apparently the Salem Library either has no hardback copies of ‘The Gunslinger’, or they’re all checked out. Either way, I went home with this beauty.


And I am bewitched.

It’s an odd book, to be sure. It’s this jilted, and stilted view into the world of the Dark Tower series. Nothing really makes sense yet, although I’m gathering the pieces in the hopes that it will all come together.

I have a feeling that this is literally just the foundation for the rest of the series. It’s laying groundwork for all that’s to come, but it’s not making it easy on me.

I’ve talked about learning curves here before. I used to think that ‘The Way of Kings’ had a steep learning curve. Yeah… That was gradual compared to this.

I’ve always considered Stephen King as a dialogue/language powerhouse. His books all have this blunt, hard-nosed edge, and yet they flow and can even be beautiful.

But in ‘The Gunslinger’ he’s outdone himself. The characters speak in this dialect that you can tell has it’s basis in English, but the words…. they’re hard to follow. And there are no explanations. You figure it out purely from context. And yet, the actual language of the exposition can be lofty, and I’ve had to google a word or two, which is rare for me.

The world-building is sparse, and done almost exclusively through character, but it works because the world itself is sparse.

I’m excited to see where this ends up, and how the rest of the series progresses.

Anyway, Tuesday was good. I’d planned on Wednesday following suit, but I received a text that derailed that plan.

Trevor’s mom works for a textbook company. They rent and sell textbooks to students all over the country. When those textbooks are sold back or returned, it’s amazing what people will send with them. All kinds of books that they just don’t want anymore.

And so, her boss finds the good ones, whether by content or condition, and stacks them in his office. He sells them all for a dollar a piece, and then the company matches it and donates it to a local food shelter. It’s a pretty cool thing.

Anyway, she put in her notice, and this was my last chance to raid the office, armed with my tip money. So, I left the computer in the car and headed over.


For $7 this is what I came away with. Minus ‘The Gunslinger’.

And so I’m here before work today, trying to make up for the sacrificed time. But, wedding stuff has absorbed a lot of my time. The invitations we ordered were delivered yesterday, so I’ve been messaging the masses for their addresses, and then writing them all down once and for all.

Then I looked into a friend’s registry because she’s getting married exactly a month before us. And then emailed the photographer about our Engagement photography session next weekend. Then I emailed a potential caterer back.

My to-do list seems to be growing instead of shrinking.

Pay off and pick up wedding bands, as well as have my engagement rings cleaned this weekend. Pick up some more registry cards and then mail ALL invitations by Monday. Dress fitting this coming Wednesday. Manicure next weekend before the photo shoot. Photo shoot itself. Then I need to write and mail Thank You cards from the Bridal Shower.

Oh, and we’re moving on the 20th!

So, I’m sitting here writing this in hopes of warming up my brain to bust out Chapter 14 before 2:30. Probably not gonna happen. But, I’ll get a good chunk done.

I hope.



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