Painting, Cleaning, More Cleaning, and Fiction

We’re gonna need some back story to get this told right.

Let’s start with the fact that Trevor and I aren’t the most cleanly people. Between dinner experiments and neither of us being home for more than six hours a day, chores just don’t get done.

We know. We’re working on it. And truthfully, we’re making progress. It’s slow, but it’s there.

So, we gave our 60 day notice to our landlord/apartment people. They only require 30, but we’re being nice here. Upon signing the sheet the woman behind the desk said they’d do an inspection in May, and then if we wanted to do the final walkthrough with them, we could schedule a time.

Awesome. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Last week we were at one of our favorite bars, where the bartender has become a personal friend of ours. He just bought his first house, and was complaining about all the work he has to do before he can move in. We offer to help paint, and he’s ecstatic. We plan for pizza, beer, and paint on Tuesday.


I worked an early mid shift that day, and come home to find an envelope taped to our door. The first thing I think of is that they know we have the dog there. Remember, we’re dog-sitting for Trevor’s parents, and we have the dog more or less illegally in our apartment.

But, upon opening the letter, I find it’s a 24 hour notice of inspection… What?

Well, turns out May was a lie, and we have just over 24 hours to get our house in decent shape for one of the maintenance guys to inspect it. Oh, and we can’t do anything Tuesday night because we’re painting someone else’s house…


Here’s what that looked like five hours later:

And so we crashed hard Tuesday night, and Trevor worked Wednesday. This left me to get some serious work done.

By the time Trev got home at five the kitchen was clean, all the dishes washed, all garbage removed from the house, and all of my books packed in boxes. All of them. That’s a lot of boxes.

We spent the rest of the night shampooing carpets and moving furniture. And still didn’t get everything done. My alarm went off at 7:30 this morning and I got right back to it. All laundry is up off the floor, both bathrooms are clean, and all the floors have been swiffered/vacuumed.

Then a quick trip to let the dog out, since she can’t be at our place anymore, and a stop at the grocery store to return the rug doctor, and I’m finally here.

Today is editing day. Monday found me finishing chapter 12, which was my goal for the week. So at least that’s done. After this post I’m going to tear into chapter 5 of ‘Vessels’. If that goes well I’ll start chapter 13, but my brain is a little mushy, so we’ll see.

Also, for those of you who might want to see her, this is April:


Trevor has two interviews today. One was a phone interview for another call center job, which he said went well. Not an ideal new job, but it may pay better and be a lot less stress.

The other is the big one. The scary one. He was a hot mess all day yesterday, forgetting things, bumping into things, repeating himself. I’ve never seen him so stressed about anything. This afternoon is his panel interview for the 911 Call Taker job.

Not only is it a city job, which would be awesome, but the pay grade is over $5 more an hour than what he makes now. If he gets this job he’ll make an intense amount of money, and we’re moving into a much cheaper apartment.

It would just be amazing.

And that’s why he’s so anxious. I know he’ll do well, Trev always interviews well, I just want him to relax. Because, if I’m being honest, I’m really anxious about his interview too.

So, wish him luck, if you would. We’d really appreciate all the good vibe you can spare.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be editing. Here’s hoping I find the energy.




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