Monday Check In

Welcome to another wonderful Monday!

Ok, that’s all the chipper you’re getting out of me. It’s Monday, and though the sun is out, I’m not quite feeling it.

The laundromat at our current apartment complex sucks. Dried clothes for an hour. Still wet. And of course, we were sucked into the world of Diablo III, so we didn’t notice until 11pm. We debated, and decided we didn’t want to pay to dry clothes, and have them potentially not be dry. Again.

So, we loaded the wet clothes into my car and went to his parents house, since it’s empty and we’re ‘house sitting’ anyway. An hour later, the clothes are dry and we head home. It’s 1 in the morning.

And then the dog wakes me up at 7:59 this morning. Remember that last post? Yeah… I need a narcoleptic dog. Or at least one that sleeps in with me.

So, I’m sitting at Starbucks, and looking over the work from last week. I know I kind of did this on Saturday, but I like to look at my word count from the week and sort of keep a record going here.

So last week I edited two chapters of ‘Vessels’, meeting that goal.

I blew my writing goal out of the water, not only finishing Chapter 10, but chapter 11 as well, and started chapter 12! I wrote a total of  7,637 words last week!

I’m just gonna let that sink in for a moment.

7,637 words! That’s nuts! At least for me. The entire manuscript so far sits at 35,049 words. Still small, but I have at least 5 or 6 more chapters to write. Probably more, since the last few chapters always seem to grow and add on to my outline.

I’m about 600 words into chapter 12, and we’re going to meet the bad guy for the first time. There have been other bad guys, and confrontations, but this is THE bad guy. And I’m excited for the scene.

But, I’m really excited about a love triangle that has sprung up. Originally, Cora was going to fall in love with Whit, and Whit was going to resist, due to hangups with his dead wife.

That all checks out. It’s happening, in full swing, and it’s good. And then enter one named Jesse Holt. I like this character. Someone I never planned on creating, and who suddenly has a lot to do with the story. He foils well with Mal, and he likes Cora.

A lot.

And she doesn’t get it. Can’t see it because she’s stuck on Whit, who, no matter how I try, just isn’t having Cora. He shut it down, and it’s impacted their relationship. Scenes are tense between them. Cora feels foolish, and Whit feels guilty. And Jesse just wants everyone to be happy.

I’m digging it.

Plus, Mal doesn’t care for Jesse too much, and he won’t like it when Cora and Jesse finally figure themselves out. Love it! So much witty banter and petty arguments just waiting to be written!

I love it when these sort of things happen. When characters blossom out of seemingly nothing. When someone I create out of need for consistency or realism decides that they are important and are going to step forward, to take their place amongst the cast.

Sorry, there was a lot of character name dropping in those paragraphs. Whit is the main character. Cora is his live in nanny/housekeeper. Mal is Whit’s brother-in-law. And Jesse is a co-worker of Whit’s.

Hope that helped.

I only have about 70 pages left in my critical read through of ‘The Alloy of Law’. I’ve learned a lot, and look forward to the climactic scenes ahead. They’re bound to be insightful.

I’d like to finish chapter 12 today, but I’ve got a weird day ahead of me with a shift meeting from 12-1 and then work at 3:30. So, I might get close, but will be surprised if I actually finish it.

But, I will finish it this week, easy. And probably get a good chunk of chapter 13 done too. Thursday I’m going to edit at least one chapter, maybe two if the writing doesn’t take over.

Anyway, the writing time is ticking away, so I’m gonna get to it!




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