Puppy Fever and New Routines

My brain was such pudding yesterday that, come today, I had to read my post because I had no idea what I wrote about.

I have a theory on why some days are mushier than others. Also, I’m really surprised mushier is a real word. Totally anticipated doing battle with the squiggly red line on that one.

See, I’ve found a pattern in my life, and it never fails. 6 hours of sleep or less, I can function. I’ll get delirious somewhere near the twelfth hour of being awake, but I can work and write and be in a good mood. The same goes for eight hours or more, though the good mood really persists through the day if I get more than eight hours of sleep.

But, it’s the grey zone that’s dangerous. Between 6 and 8 hours of sleep, and I am a zombie. Pudding brained and caffeine craving, stumbling and groaning, glowering through squinted eyes.

I think this is because I hit my best REM sleep somewhere between 6 and 8 hours into sleeping. And, my psychology classes have taught me, interrupting REM sleep is bad.

So, that’s why I’ve been all Tapioca lately. I’ve been going to bed at the usual 12:30/1 AM, but I’ve been waking up a good hour earlier than normal. Thusly, interrupting my own damn REM cycle.

What gives? I have no alarm set. I’m waking naturally, and I usually do that right at the 8 hour mark. The only reason I can think of is having the dog. Some unconscious part of my brain is worried that she’ll need to go out, and I won’t hear her. So I wake up earlier to take her out, and then head to work as normal.

And, now that it really has been an entire week of this new routine, I don’t really mind it. I get to work earlier and get more writing/editing done because of it.

So, the short answer:

I need to get a dog to keep me on an even better routine, and allow me to get a lot more fiction done! Also, to take advantage of all the dog friendly patios here in Salem. Because that’s just fun.

Anyway, with that riddle solved, I can move on to this week’s goals, and my plan of attack for next week.

I stated earlier in the week that I wanted to finish Chapter 10 and start Chapter 11. Done and done. And, chapter 11 only needs about another 1,000 words, so I aim to finish that today.

I also set the goal of editing two chapters, to make up for not editing one last week. Both of those are also done. Overall I’ve written 4,416 words this week, and will write at least another 1,000 today.

This week also found me elbow deep in ‘The Alloy of Law’. I’m on page 251 of my uber-critical read through, and leaving a lot of notes in the margins.

So, a very productive week here, and I’m looking to keep the good momentum going.

Next week’s schedule is wonky. I have a store meeting lunchtime Monday, and then close the store that night. So, while the computer will be out, the work will be interrupted, so I don’t count on too much productivity that day.

Tuesday I’m working an early mid-shift, so there will be no writing or editing.

Wednesday and Thursday I’m off, and those are the days I plan to really work on writing chapter 12 and editing chapter 5. They’re the only days I have to really get any work done, so I’m hoping the brain isn’t too mushy on those days.

Friday is another mid-shift, and then I close Saturday and Sunday.

The sun is out, and has been most of the week. It’s supposed to be in the mid-70s tomorrow, and since I’m off, I plan on sitting on a patio somewhere sipping craft beer. If I can convince Trevor, the dog will be with us.

He’s convinced that she’d be obnoxious if we took her out. And while she very well may be, it wouldn’t last for long. She’s too old to have the energy to cause a persistent fuss. We’ll see.

If you haven’t figured it out, I have puppy fever. I want a damn puppy so bad. Particularly a sable Corgi boy, named Simon. That’s what I want. But, dogs aren’t allowed in the apartments we’re going to be moving into. Plus, we want to buy a house, so we might as well wait and do all that first.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want one now, though. And look at that face!!!!

So. Much. WANT.
So. Much. WANT.

Anyway, before I get sucked into the black hole of the internet that is puppy pictures, I have fiction to write.

Have a beautiful Saturday, Blogland. Wherever you may be.



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