A Setback

Let’s try this again. I started this draft on Monday, and am just now coming back around to it. So far this week I have written ZERO words, and there’s been just as much progress on editing ‘Vessels’.

What happened? Oh, let me tell you all about it.

Sunday night we found out that Trevor’s grandpa died. And not the one we were expecting. My mother-in-law’s father died unexpectedly, and we were the unlucky ones that had to break the bad news. I’m not going to go into details, but it wasn’t good. In a span of 15 months the woman has lost both of her parents.

So, Trevor’s on bereavement leave all week. He’s not really all that bereaved, as he never really knew the man, but it’s a good thing. He’s able to help his parents and be there for his mother. I, on the other hand, am working my life away at the Bux.

With Trevor on a mini vacation my daily routine has been shredded. It’s hard to leave the house when he’s home, especially when we haven’t had much time together lately.

Today he had a phone interview for a new position at his current job, which he’s basically got. They talked about pay rate and training during the interview, even though he has an in-person interview tomorrow morning. That’s really exciting, since it comes with an almost $2 pay increase.

But, he’s still trying to get the 911 operator job. In fact, he’s at the critical testing for it right now. If he passes this test, he’ll get an interview. So, exciting times in our lives.

But, the writing has suffered this week, and it’s starting to tell on my mood. Initially, when I wrote part of this post on Monday, I felt optimistic about finishing chapter 9. I did admit, however, that editing probably wouldn’t happen.

Now, I’m not nearly so optimistic. I’m going to write, and write hard today. I hope I can finish chapter 9, but I realize it probably won’t happen. And editing? I’m not even going to worry myself with the idea this week.

I want to give a shout out to my mother. She texted me today to tell me that she’d reread all the chapters of ‘Cards’ so far, and that she really enjoyed them.

And it was exactly what I needed. Otherwise I would have sat on the couch and played Titanfall (which is fantastic) until it was time to go to work. But, here I am at Starbucks, explaining why I vanished from the social media train for a few days, and about to redeploy into a world of my creation.

So, thanks Mama!

Now, for more realistic goals. Today is the only day I plan on writing. Tomorrow is our anniversary, and Trevor is going to be off, so we’re going to really spend time together. Aside from the requisite Facebook post about how happy we are, I plan on ignoring technology.

So, I’m off tomorrow, work a mid-shift on Friday, then off Saturday, close Sunday. I’m off Monday, and Trev’s officially back to work that day, so I plan on making great strides then.

This week, I want to write another 1500 words or so. I should be able to, and that will wrap up chapter 9. Then I can start fresh on chapter 10 on Monday, and hopefully try and edit two chapters next week, to make up for the lackluster performance this week.

I think that’s the plan.

I was mad at myself, and still am a little, for letting this hit to my routine effect my productivity. But, I know that I’m not being very fair to myself. I didn’t want to not write, I wasn’t looking for an out. Life threw me a curveball, and it worked, for a couple days. It’s all right.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. But, I’m back in action, and ready to get this chapter done!



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