Plot Twists and Goals

Progress! I finished chapter 7 yesterday, and the novel even surprised me with a plot twist I wish I were awesome enough to have planned. I mean, if I’m being honest, I was in denial about this plot path. I thought of it early on, but didn’t want to vilify one of the characters.

Turns out, he was a villain all a long. Though, like all good bad guys, he feels justified, even righteous in his decisions. I’m excited to write more in this direction, even though I know I’ll have to add more clues in the editing stage. Right now the clues are very small, and this discovery could come out of left field for the reader. I want satisfaction, not straight out confusion.


Ok, so chapter 7 was long, and I admit I probably spent too much time world-building, and I can already think of a scene that will probably get cut. Of course I enjoyed it enormously, so it must die. Right?

The chapter ended at just over 3,500 words. A monster. But, it makes up for the couple shorter chapters leading into it. I also wrote just over 1,000 words of chapter 8, and I like it so far. We’re hitting the really good stuff. The world’s built, characters are developed, and there are subplots and secrets hinted at. Now it’s time to twist it all up and then unravel it!

I think.

It’s raining. Not unusual for the Willamette Valley, but it’s not the usual soft patter. The weathermen call it thunderstorms, but I’ve heard no such rumblings. But, the rain is angrier. It comes down hard, at an angle as it rides the wind. Which is blowing much harder than necessary.

For the record, I hate wind. It’s stupid. And it does nothing any good, except plants that propagate via spores. Otherwise it’s just a nuisance that blows my hair in my face and scatters pages everywhere.


In… not celebration. Acknowledgment of the weather I’m listening to Placebo today. If you’ve not heard of them, it’s not a surprise. They’re a UK band, and I would describe them as an acquired taste. The lead singer has this nasally, whiney voice, but it’s perfect for their sound. The music is pained and sort of lilting. Very cold feeling, hinting at emotions that don’t quite get the attention they deserve.

Album artwork for Placebo's 'Sleeping with Ghosts'
Album artwork for Placebo’s ‘Sleeping with Ghosts’

Lots of self-loathing and doubt. I couldn’t get enough of them when I was in high school. Trevor hates them. So, I don’t listen to them much, out of respect for his ears, and because too much Placebo leads to depression. At least in me.

So, limited Placebo exposure today in honor of the weather. Spoke with my mother today, which was wonderful. She’s loving ‘Cards’ so far and is asking all kinds of questions, and even brought up something kind of cool which I might steal. She’s also still working on the cryptograms and still can’t figure them out. I am damned proud of those stupid things.

Talked to my dad too. He started his new job this week, so he’s in Pittsburgh until tomorrow afternoon. Apparently it is 15 degrees there right now, and he’s miserable. But, he’ll be back in AZ on Friday, where he can enjoy the near 90 degree weather.

So, the goals for today. Work on Chapter 8, maybe finish it if it goes well. I’ve been saying for days now that I want to edit ‘Vessels’ chapter 2, and while it’s true, it may not happen today. But, I have three more days to get quality work in, so hopefully it will get done this week.

As of this writing, I am making my goal of editing and writing a chapter a week. Not too shabby. Also, I think I know what my next project will be after ‘Cards’, and anticipate the the rough draft will be finished before editing on ‘Vessels’.

Funny, and true.
Funny, and true.

Exciting times in the Write Life, and ready to keep it coming.

Have a great day Blogland!

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