A Change of Plans

So, remember that highly anticipated, and much needed day trip to the Portland Art Museum?

Yeah. Not happening.

Trevor’s grandpa has congestive heart failure, and wound up being held overnight in the hospital. He should be discharged sometime today, and so Harold (Trevor’s dad) needs to be in town to pick him up.

I can’t exactly be mad at Grandpa for slowly dying. That’s not fair. I’m mostly just sad. I’m sad for Grandpa. I’m sad for those closest to him, that they have to watch his slow decline. I’m sad for the trip that never was. Because, suddenly, today’s trip seemed to be just what I need.

The sun is out, but it’s far from warm. And the clouds threaten to douse any hopes I may have for UV. And, while the sunshine usually gives a bounce to my step, I find myself grumpy.

I’m tired. My head… it doesn’t quite hurt, but it’s not right either. It’s heavy, full. But not the good full that leads to hours of productive writing. No. This is something else.

But, I’ve worked really hard these past months to build and maintain good writing habits. I’m not going to let an off day, emotionally, keep me from working. As much as I want to.

The plan for today, is write more on chapter 6. Maybe even finish it today if it goes well. If I still have time I’ll start editing chapter 2 of ‘Vessels’. At 3pm I’m meeting my best friend for a beer, which sounds increasingly awesome, and then it’s home for dinner with the boy.

And I just realized I forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer.

It’s that kind of day. Which I hate. I am not a cynical person. In fact, I’m painfully optimistic most days, a source of irritation for the pessimists in my life. And so, when that switch gets flipped in my brain, and suddenly everything I see generates a negative thought, it just drains me.

But, maybe some good tunes, and some quiet time with my novel will help. I hope.

In other news, Twitter is still Twitter. I’m learning, and I’ve got double-digit followers, though most are family members. Also, Wil Wheaton is just as amazing as I’d hoped. His Tweets always make me smile.

I’m still reading ‘The Emperor’s Soul’. I have no idea why such a small book is taking me so long to read. It’s good, but I don’t feel any urgency to read it. I don’t know if I’m just wore out from ‘Words of Radiance’, or if I’m just not that invested in these characters. I do know that I’m already thinking about what I’m going to read next. I’m thinking a re-read of ‘The Alloy of Law’ may be in order, as a study piece for ‘Cards’.

They’re both Steampunk/Wild West sort of books. And they share a similar tone.

And I just had a brilliant idea!

What does a down-in-the-dumps author need to cheer her up? NEW BOOKS!

I may have to make a quick trip to the bookstore before I head out for my beer meeting.

Anyway, back to talking about my fiction.

I wrote 1,202 words of chapter 6 yesterday, and really like what I wrote. The main character has chronic nightmares of his dead wife, and they are SO much fun to write. They let me delve into little moments of horror in an otherwise completely fantasy novel. And this one was good. I just kept reading the sequence over and over and smiling, because it’s good.

And now I’m feeling the itch to keep writing. Talk at you later, Blogland.




2 thoughts on “A Change of Plans”

  1. Glad to see on Twitter that you were indeed successful on hammering out some Chapter 6, and even editing on Chapter 2 of Vessels. As for the grandfather, I lost my remaining grandparents in a one year stretch (one had passed away in 1994, never really knew him). I’ve been there. It’s hard to say goodbye, but on the bright side he’s leaving this world after a long life well-lived, surrounded by a family that loves him.

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