Travel and Twitter

So, something fun to start this week.

I just applied for the #amtrakresidency. If you’ve not heard about it, that means my chances are that much better! Ahem, just kidding. Basically amtrak is taking applications for a residency of sorts. It includes roundtrip fare with a sleeping cabin for up to 2-5 days, and all you do is spend the trip writing.

How awesome is that?

I’m pretty stoked, but they’re only selecting 24 people for the whole year, so I won’t be upset if I don’t get it. I’m approaching it in a sort of, “They can’t accept me if I don’t apply” mindset. The worst that can happen is they say ‘no’. But, the best case scenario is I take a writing vacation sometime in the next year.

Wish me luck!

In other news, I’ve made a twitter account that I have absolutely no idea how to use. I’ll update the About page with my username if you’d like to follow me.

So, on the docket today is finishing chapter 5 of ‘Cards’, and editing chapter 1 of ‘Vessels’. I’ve had my coffee, and I’m considering seconds, so this could very well get done!

Hmm… What else is happening in my life? Talked to my dad today, which was nice. I’m trying to read ‘The Emperor’s Soul’, Brandon Sanderson’s Hugo Award winning Novella, but I’m struggling. Which is ironic as hell. I can finish his 1,088 page behemoth in five days, but the 167 page novella is giving me trouble.

Anyway, this was intended to be a short update to get the juices flowing, so have a great day, and I’ll catch ya later!



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