Making Progress

It took longer than I’d like, but I finally finished my second reading of ‘Vessels’. I’m still a little impressed by it. Like, “wow. I wrote this. Cool.” But, there’s a lot of work that it needs. Roughly, 10 handwritten pages of notes worth of work.


There are quite a few little inconsistencies. Like, early in the book I say one ship has bright red sails, when later I say a different ship has bright red sails. That’s easy. That’s one word that needs changed. Pfft.

Then there are the big gaps. Things that need to be added into earlier chapters so that they make sense at the end. Information that needs sprinkled throughout the book so that the ending can make more sense.

But, the most work is going to be adding and fleshing out subplots. I wrote one plot. 187 pages of ‘Val saves the world’. But, what about the subplots I glossed over? What about Val’s relationship with Ethan? What about Ethan’s mom, and her disdain for Val? What about Marcus, a mentor figure, and his secret, simmering relationship with Reema, Val’s adoptive mother?

There’s a lot of story that didn’t make the book. And, really, subplot is what makes books great. It’s what brings characters to life and what brings the reader satisfaction. When all the little plot lines come together and find themselves resolved in some way by the end.


So, aside from the little details that need sorted and the sentence structures and word choice that needs seeing to, there’s a lot of writing still to be done. Which is exciting, because this book is short. And I desperately want to add some length to it. I’m curious to see where it ends up.

I’m thinking 55k-60k once it’s totally done. Which is good. That’s over 200 pages, which would be awesome!

But, I’m not going to start on any of that today. Or tomorrow. Today I’m going to make lunch, write a little on ‘Cards’, and then go to work. Tomorrow is my day off with Trevor, and I’ve vowed to not do any work other than housework. So Monday I’ll start in on editing, and hopefully get some writing in on ‘Cards’ as well.

Then I close Tuesday and Wednesday, so I’ll get good work in. Then I’m going to the Portland Art Museum with my father-in-law on Thursday, which will be awesome!

Anyway, I’ve got work to do and soup to eat! Catch ya later!




3 thoughts on “Making Progress”

  1. This might sound silly, but how do you do your word to page conversion? At 76K I have about 140 pages. This is 12 pts. font, singlespaced. Just curious.

    1. I googled the average word count per paperback page. It’s roughly about 250 words per page. So total word count divided by 250. This obviously varies greatly depending on amount of exposition versus dialogue. But, it’s a good estimate.

      But, for my printing purposes I double space everything so I have room to make notes and changes, plus I would never be able to read the whole manuscript if it were single spaced. I do use 12pt font, though. Anything bigger than that just looks ridiculous.

      1. Personally, I tend to simply apply double-spacing and then use my resulting page count as an estimate for the “true” number. It’s not exact, but it’s not too far out either.
        In any case, congrats on getting all the way through to the end of your story :). Best of luck with the editing, too. I agree entirely concerning the importance of subplots; still need to look into that with my own book, really.

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