The Verdict on ‘Vessels’

I’m going to start by saying I slept like shit. Excuse my french. It poured buckets all night, and while some rain is soothing, a ton is not so much. It gives me nightmares about drowning.

So, I was up a lot of the night. Add to the general insomnia an intense excitement, and trepidation, about reading ‘Vessels’ today, and it was just not a good night.

But, I was a good girl. When I woke up at 6:30, I got ready for the day and came to Starbucks. I just finished reading the novel. From start to finish. Took me about 3 hours. And you know what?

I loved it.

Yes, there are some gaps, especially toward the end, because I was writing in a frenzy then. And there are spelling and grammar mistakes, though most of them are just typos. And there are adverbs and passive voice things that need sorted. But these are all little things. These are things that are easily fixed.

My overall impression of the story is general awesomeness. I love it. I’m really excited to dig in to it chapter by chapter, though I need to read it through one more time and take some notes. You know, things that need changed, how I want to change them. Where there’s a gap, how do I want to fix that.

And while cutting it up and tightening the writing will be time consuming, and hard, the novel is actually in WAY better shape than I was prepared for.

Don’t let the lack of exclamation points fool you, I am really excited. And pleased. And proud. Just exhausted.

I was prepared for a piece of writing that was going to be barely worth the effort to make it decent. What I found was a fast paced YA/Teen Fantasy novel. There are a couple gaps. Some things that need added in order to smooth things out, and probably could be helpful in slowing it down a little. Because after the halfway point, this book does not slow down.

But, after reading it, I know that I didn’t waste six months of my life writing it, and I’m not going to waste another six months editing it. This story is worth all the effort I’ve put in, and it’s worth all the effort I plan on putting into editing it.

It’s a really nice affirmation of what I’m doing. I really like this novel. It’s good. It has great bones, and for a rough draft, is really clean. The next few months will be spent hammering out the details. Then getting feedback from trusted readers. Then taking that feedback and tearing it apart again and hammering out more details.

But, what’s really exciting about this is that I thought very little of this draft. I already think that ‘Cards’ is worlds better than ‘Vessels’. And I still think that after reading the manuscript.

Which is proof of how much I’ve grown over the last few years. It’s proof of how practice really does pay off, and how I can only get better from here.

Today, as sleepless and horribly rainy as it is, has been a wonderful day. And that just seems to be how this whole week is going.

Now, I’m going to wrap this up, head home and try and take a nap. Or at least relax some before my shift starts at 5pm. If I can’t relax I may be back to work on ‘Cards’.

We’ll see.

Anyway, thanks for listening Blogland. See you around.




5 thoughts on “The Verdict on ‘Vessels’”

  1. It’s always awesome when we take that step back, thinking that it’s total crud, and come back later only to find…it really isn’t that bad after all. I was pleasantly surprised at how consistent Darkness Concealed was, my biggest sins being awkward wording and some flat early characterization. It makes editing it the amount needed to take it from draft to finished so much easier.

    1. I think getting to the 2nd Draft will be fairly simple. But, getting it from 2nd to 3rd Draft will be harder, because that’s when I’ll be applying the feedback from my group of readers. I really think that’s when the real work starts.

      1. I abuse my tendency to not have typoes and glaring holes by asking for beta feedback very early. Both Darkness Concealed and Nikolay were essentially first drafts when they went to readers.

      2. I’ve done that before, and I find that I’m just not ready for criticism before I’ve taken the time to edit it myself. Getting reader feedback that early was actually pretty detrimental to my writing. Lesson learned.

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