One Giant Step for the Manuscript!

Not even three in the afternoon, and already I feel more accomplished today than I do in most weeks!

Woke up at about 9 and languished in bed, enjoying the spring breeze coming through the window above me. Now, it wasn’t a warm breeze, but that was ok because I was bundled up under the blankets. Cozy.

I considered calling to touch base with my out of state family members, but most of them would be working, or just waking up. So I stretched and pulled my phone over to browse Facebook.

It was ringing. My dad. Huh, he was one of the people I’d thought of calling.

Now, in case I hadn’t posted about it here before, my father lost his job just before the holidays. He has three children under the age of ten, a teenage girl, and his stay-at-home wife to provide for.

And, he is the sole contributor to our wedding fund.

Needless to say, things were a bit hectic for everyone come January. My dad did his best to still provide for our wedding, and we made a serious effort at paying for as much as we could on our own.

But, the last conversation with my father was tense. He’d just put the house on the market, and he wasn’t sure where his family was going to end up. Would he have to move all the kids to a new district? Would the six of them have to relocate to the 1300 square foot rental property in the middle of nowhere, until a job came along?


He just told me today that he has found a new employer in his native Pittsburgh, PA! Not only does he get to travel to his homeland more often, but he also makes, I’m assuming, considerably more than his last job.

And so, we’ve been given the green light. All is well on the wedding front, and that’s a big relief to us all.

So thanks again for all your help, Dad. I don’t think I can ever truly express how much it means to me that you’re helping us as much as you are. But, that won’t keep me from trying!

That was a wonderful way to start my day. And then I look outside and see sunshine, and a mostly blue sky. It’s 65 degrees in Salem today, and it’s wonderful. No jacket for me today, and windows and moonroof were cracked to let the air in as I ran errands.

Speaking of which.

Made another car payment today, and we’ve officially had the Kia Soul for an entire year. That’s crazy to think. Then I bought the printer and paper and binders and all the good stuff that allowed me to reach a milestone in my life.

I printed my first manuscript today.

Let me say that again, mostly for my own sake. I printed my first manuscript today!


The First Page
The First Page

I do want to take a moment to applaud the performance of my $30 printer. It printed all 185 pages without jamming, or any sort of shenanigans whatsoever. It is loud, and it is basic, but that’s all I really need. I’m thoroughly impressed with it’s performance.

And so, it printed, I did some damage with  a 3-hole punch, and then organized my novel into chapter segments. Already there are things I know need fixing, and I haven’t even read it yet. But, I’m reprimanding my brain for that, and preparing myself for the first read through.

The Middle
The Middle

And so I’m basking in this awesome feeling, even as the sun is swallowed up in the Oregon clouds. I just keep singing to myself, “I wrote a book, I wrote a book.” And it just doesn’t get old.

But, I do need to remember that this feeling is going to fade. Probably as soon as I read the first page. Right now I’m glowing in a sense of achievement, but once I realize the incredible amount of work that needs done, I’m probably going to cry.

The Last Page
The Last Page

I was going to start reading it today, but now I’m approaching my plans with the best friend. And I really want to read it from beginning to end, uninterrupted. So, I’ll try and read it tonight, but I’m probably going to end up reading it tomorrow before work.  And once I’ve read it through the first time, just for enjoyability, I have to read it through again and take notes.

That’s when the work will begin. All with chapter 1. And, hopefully I’ll make enough progress that, in a couple months, the rough draft will end with chapter 21. And then the second draft will be done, and I can finally let Trevor read it!

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up. Just wanted to post that I’m keeping on track so far. Wish me luck as I dive off into a new adventure in writing!

Doodle by Jonezy Artwork
Doodle by Jonezy Artwork



3 thoughts on “One Giant Step for the Manuscript!”

  1. It’s awesome looking back at all the work done, even as we’re conscious of the work still to come, and see a concrete monument of it. For me, simply putting my novel in a single word document (I write in “parts”) and seeing the pagecount hit 184 floored me. Having that totality in existence has fueled a lot of my editing mentality over the past few months.

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