March Madness, the Fiction Edition

So, I had a realization last night. It’s March! In fact, it’s March 3rd. If you think back, my plan was to give myself space away from ‘Vessels’ before I started editing. The novel wrapped up in late September, and now it’s March. March was the plan. Begin editing in March.

And I’m already three days behind!

So, tomorrow I happen to have the day off, so I will buy a printer and all my printing needs, and start printing out the rough draft. Tomorrow is Printing Day!

I’m nervous, and excited! Editing my first novel begins this week!

And you know what else is this week?

Brandon Sanderson’s sequel to The Way Of Kings launches tomorrow! And, he’s going to be in Beaverton doing a book signing! And who’s got the night off?

This chick!

I’m finally going to meet him! And even though he won’t remember me, or know me, it really means a lot. I participated in Write About Dragons, I’ve read almost all of his books. This is my writing Idol, even though I don’t think I want to write epic fantasy. So, to finally get to go see him, and get my hands on the next book in the Stormlight Archive is extremely exciting for me!

But, back to ‘Vessels’. For my own mental organization, what do I need to dive into the editing process?

  • Printer, since you can’t really print a hardcopy without one.
  • And all the things necessary with that, i.e. paper and ink.
  • A big ass binder. If I haven’t detailed it before, I keep my drafts in binders, that way everything is well organized and in one place.
  • Red pens, and probably some purple pens, because why not?

And so tomorrow will be a print-a-palooza. I may not have time to begin editing tomorrow, but I will be able to read the novel from beginning to end. Hopefully.

And for the foreseeable future that binder will be my constant companion. A chapter a week is the goal, and if I have to edit a page or two on my lunch breaks in order to meet that goal, so be it.

On top of editing, I plan to maintain my progress on ‘Cards’. The coming months are going to be a bit intense. Editing one manuscript, writing another, planning a wedding, maintaining two blogs, and working full time doesn’t leave me much time for a social life.

But, I’ve never been too keen on being social anyway. A beer at my favorite brewery with Trevor, and anyone else who shows up has always been good enough for me.

Hopefully this summer we can take some day trips out to the beach or up to Portland on Sundays. I think I’m going to need the one day a week that I don’t think about writing, or work.

So, on the docket today:

  • Finish this post.
  • Post over at The Disney Honeymoon Challenge.
  • Work on chapter 5 of ‘Cards’.
  • Work at Sbux until 11pm.

Tomorrow the real work begins. Wish me luck!




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