Apparently, Rowling Should “Stop Writing”

Hello, Blogland!

Today I want to address an article that Anne Rice’s Facebook page brought to my attention. Read it here!

For those of you who don’t want to read it, no worries! I’ll sum it up here.

Basically, a ‘professional’ writer woke up on the bitter side of the publishing bed today. Or whatever day she wrote this. In the article she states that, if JK Rowling truly cares about writing, she would stop.

Say what?

So, apparently JK Rowling is monopolizing the adult fiction scene, and ruining other authors’ chances at higher sales and fame. But, instead of praising Rowling for her marketability and success at creating a brand name,  instead of wondering how to recreate this success in her writing and publishing, this writer takes the easy way out.

She thinks Rowling should stop publishing.

“By all means keep writing for kids, or for your personal pleasure – I would never deny anyone that – but when it comes to the adult market you’ve had your turn.”

I think this is preposterous. She is literally asking the competition to stand aside. Because that ever works.

Would you ask Stephen King to “stop publishing” because he’s published so much already? Or Brandon Sanderson? Or James Patterson? What right do you have to ask someone to stop doing anything? Let alone an author who’s sales make you look like a joke.

There are a couple things that do need to be taken under consideration, however.

This ‘writer’ is based in the UK. So, while I barely knew JK Rowling was writing adult fiction, I’m sure the marketing across the pond was pretty extensive.

Also, what does the writer of this article read? Does she only read adult general fiction? Or just crime novels? If that’s the case, then yes, the shelves would seem inundated with Rowling’s new works. But that’s because of her limited view of the shelves.

I know that I had no problem finding new books, or authors, over in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. In fact, outside of the “What’s New” shelves cloistered in the bookshop’s center aisle, I was hard pressed to find The Casual Vacancy’. I didn’t even know about ‘Cuckoo’s Calling’ until this article was brought to my attention.

But, again, I’m on the opposite side of a nation an entire ocean away from the world she’s living in.

But, I still have to ask, what bookstores is she frequenting? Because, if it’s just the big name franchises, then yes, Rowling’s novels will be pushed. Hard. But, if you’re frequenting your local, small shop, you’ll see a small stand suggesting just released novels. Maybe Rowling’s will be there. Maybe not. It all depends on how much it costs the bookseller.

So, dear professional writer, maybe it’s not Ms. Rowling’s fault that you find her book at every turn. Maybe, just maybe, you should try broadening your reading horizons, as well as giving indie booksellers a chance.

Also, if you ever want to be HALF as successful as good old J.K., you should be taking notes, not whining about how unfair the market is.

What do you guys think? Should popular, successful authors bow out to those of us still struggling?

I don’t think so. I think that would stifle a lot of writers. Firstly, it wouldn’t be so hard to get noticed, because there wouldn’t be giants engulfing us in their epic sales’ shadows. That would take some of the joy out of getting published. At least for me.

Also, it would terrify me. You wouldn’t want to get too good at your craft, because you’d get too popular and have to give it up in order to make way for the newbies.

It’s just not realistic. It’s not how life works, in any way. So, I hope Ms. Rowling doesn’t let this writer’s article on HuffPost have any sway on her writing.

It would be a shame.




8 thoughts on “Apparently, Rowling Should “Stop Writing””

  1. Blimey, is that what the article was about?
    How ridiculous! What a load of absolute tosh! That writer sounds bitter and fragile and rather too unsure of her own ability if she’s worried about getting ‘her turn.’
    You don’t get a turn… you go out there and do the best you can until people take notice. And if they don’t, you keep doing it anyway. Or at least that’s what I plan to do.


    Seems like a bunch of sour grapes to me.

    Though it’s certainly something to aspire too… hehee, someone so frustrated and jealous (yes, I said it, she’s jealous) of my success that they ask me to ‘have a break’ so they can have a go.

    1. Right?

      The whole traditional publishing market is just that, a market! You have to be marketable. As an author, your name is a brand, which is crazy to think of. And the number one reason why, despite my pending nuptials, I will be publishing under my current last name.

      Zelkovich has a tendency to stand out. Haha.

      But, basically, this lady was just having a temper tantrum, and felt it was good enough, and warranted enough to be on HuffPost.

      1. Yup. I love HuffPost, but sometimes the stuff that creeps in just boggles the mind.
        Learning that my name is a brand was (and still is) a head trip for me, but what would I give to have ‘Ileandra Young’ become a household name like Stephen King, J K Rowling, or (heaven forbid) E L James?
        Pity I didn’t do all this work with my birth name rather than a pen name! :p
        Ho hum.

        By the way, Zelkovich is an AWESOME name. ^_^

      2. Yeah, I generally like HuffPost, but sometimes I see things and I’m like, “where was the editor on that one?”

        Also, I’m hoping my last name will work like this:

        “It’s that writer with the Z name…? What was her name?”

        And they search the shelves and there I’ll be, lol!

        Someday… Hopefully.

      3. I imagine with a name that stands out as well as yours, you’re in a good position to be remembered, or at least easily spotted as you don’t have much company down at that end of the alphabet. 😉

  2. That person’s attitude is so sad, and obviously operating from a frame of mind of lack instead of prosperity. There is plenty for everyone in this world, and universe – that is unless a person thinks there is not, and in that case, that is what his/her experience will become. There is plenty of opportunities, plenty of success, and plenty for all. As for JK Rowling, I admire the author and the human being, who has done much good with her success, and given back, not only through her writing but also via her charities and effort.

    1. Yeah, I guess the author of that article ended up catching a lot of flack for her thoughts. Which, I can’t really get behind personally attacking someone for their opinion. But, that’s the risk you take when you post anything on the internet. Also, if her tone had been different, she could have presented the same opinion with far less backlash.

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