Surviving the Holidays

The day after Christmas… Otherwise known at Starbucks as ‘Christmas 2.0’. This is the day that people decide to return things without receipts and spend every dime on their Starbucks gift cards that they got in their stockings the day before. This is the weekend we have to get through. If we can just make it to Monday everything will slow down. Monday seems a mirage on the schedule. A fabled date promising a return to normal, when tasks that for the last month have been deemed impossible will actually get done with some regularity.

And so I’m sitting in the lobby as usual, telling myself that I’m actually accomplishing something. I mean, I re-read what I have so far, and I like it. But chapter two is still a long way from completion. So as I’m clacking away at this blog the back of mind is thinking about Whit. He’s poised in front of the mirror, wondering how he let things get that bad. And, after careful consideration, he’ll decide that he doesn’t have the energy to shave, so he’ll comb his hair back as usual and head out the door.

And then what?

I have the answers, but they’re general. He’ll go to work. But there are interactions and world building that will happen, that need to happen to help the story grow into more than a conglomeration of loosely linked scenes.

But, my head hurts, and there’s a long day a head of me. Do I really want to put in the effort? My initial answer is no. But there’s a sense of guilt lingering in the back of my mind, and I know that there’s energy for this story back there, waiting. If I could just unleash it…

I hope everyone’s Holidays went well. Mine was quite bi-polar. At work it was hectic and incredibly busy, and then the time spent with family was low-key and relaxing. Probably the best combo ever.

Anyway, I’m going to stop wasting writing time over here and try and get some writing in on chapter 2.

Happy Holidays, Blogland.




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