An Introduction to the New Novel

Trevor’s putting in some overtime today, so I find myself sitting at work on my day off, trying to make up for lost time.

I just typed up the intro to chapter 2. I knew it wasn’t much but it ended at 320 words, bringing the new manuscript up to 3,091 words. It’s crazy to think that I really am doing this all over again. All the time and emotion.

Writing the last novel was a completely new experience, and looking back it’s a complete blur. A haze of days and nights, some lost in the fervor of creation, and others spent staring at blank screens wondering what in the hell I think I’m doing. Playing at little miss author, faking it until I make it.

But, I did it. That manuscript is done. Just over 47,000 words. Short, I know, but for a YA that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And I do intend to add to the story in order to smooth some things out. It’ll probably just break 50k when it’s finally done.

But, enough about ‘Vessels’.

‘Cards’, the working title for the new novel is a different animal. Instead of a teenage girl  I’m writing about a middle-aged Widower, and now single father. Powerless in a world of hidden magic, Whit discovers a string of murders that no one wants to pursue, and while hunting down the killer his three year old daughter is taken for ransom. The climax will push Whit to find out just how much he’s willing to give up to save his daughter.

There. A little synopsis for you.

The major difference with this book so far is that I actually know where it’s going. I have a rough outline with key points, acting as a sort of map. With ‘Vessels’ it was like writing in the dark. I’d turn on the computer and get sucked into a world with so many opportunities for adventure that I was never really sure what would happen on any particular day. But, that was sort of Val’s personality, so it made sense.

‘Cards’ is very direct. At least so far. There’s a main storyline that is determined to be told. And I’m so excited to see how it grows.

As the outline sits right now this novel is the first in a potential series. Not sure how I feel about that. We’ll see when we get there. The book is still entirely stand alone, and who knows, by the end of this journey I might just decide to go big or go home.

When I read the outline I get excited. This book has so many subplots built in to it. Whit’s relationship with his daughter, with his Brother-in-Law, with his live-in nanny/potential love interest.

But, with my current schedule, it’s going to be much slower going. Although I did get to work almost an hour early the other day in order to write the outline. I was supposed to work at 8:30am, and rolled in at 7:30am. If that’s not writing commitment, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I’m going to stop blathering here, wasting time. I’ve got another novel to write!


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