NaNo, AFI, and Cards…


I don’t have very high expectations for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

I’ve submited 1,495 words. And that’s cheating because I wrote those ages ago.

All I want to do is listen to AFI and write, but I’m having a hard time pinning down just what I want to write.

I get these flashes of scenes. Possibilities. But, I don’t know how it all connects. I don’t know how to get from my opening sequence to the rest of the novel. My previous education and experience tells me that I’ve started too far from the main action of the story.

But I don’t actually think that’s true. I just have to get through this awkward dinner scene, and then we’ll be back in it. I think. And this dinner scene is supposed to be awkward. My widower main character is having dinner with his three old daughter and their new live in nanny, who is of course attractive. Whit wouldn’t have thought twice about her if his brother-in-law hadn’t suggested it in an earlier meeting.

And so, Whit is trying to ignore all the appealing qualities of his daughter’s nanny while enjoying her cooking.

Past that I can get him back to work, and get to the real plot of the story; serial murders targeting the oppressed magical community.

And all I really want to write are sad scenes. Whit remembering his wife. Flashbacks. And I was taught early on to avoid flashbacks at all costs. So, if I want to write them, they need to be important. I’m thinking that each flashback needs to link in to how Whit solves the murders.

Which means that I really need to plot and outline this story. And I’ve never done that before. Or at least not to this extent. The most outlining I’ve done is a two to three sentence synopsis of a chapter. This is detailing at its finest…

So, there’s a lot of work to be done. And I’m finding motivation to be a bit thin on the ground.

For instance, I’m here. Posting all my thoughts and ideas instead of acting on them. Although I wrote another line in the novel while I dillydallied on Facebook. And after this I’m going to update my iTunes and iPhone. Maybe read through the ‘Burials’ digital album art.

Yeah. That sounds about right.

I’ll be around. Words will find their way, even if I’m being stubborn. Maybe I’m burned out from the first novel. But, it’d be pretty legit if I could write two rough drafts in one year.

Things to think about.




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