October means nearly NaNo!

Welcome to October!

A new fiscal year for the Bux, as well as our currently underperforming Government. But, regardless of my political feelings, this blog is not the place for a rant. At least not about politics. Or, at least not today. Ha!

Today has found me in an oddly good mood. It might have been the almost 12 hours of sleep, or the Salted Caramel Mocha I just inhaled. Add to it all the reading I’ve been doing and all the writing buzzing around my brain, and I am one happy camper.

With October comes a hint of November as leaves fall in blustery gusts and the rain staccatos against rooftops. And with November comes NaNoWriMo! So, I’ve decided to bump my writing schedule up a bit. Need to finish ‘The Portrait of Sterling Madison’, get started on ‘My Final Frontier’, and then, for NaNo, I’m going to bust out ‘Cards’.

Or, at least try.

I’ve participated in NaNo once, back in Arizona. And, I didn’t get very far. Instead of 50,000 words, I reached 16,000 and pretty much exhausted myself. That was the first novel I never finished.

So, I wrote about 2,500 words a week while writing ‘Vessels’. NaNo calls for 1,647 a DAY. That means, I need to have some wildly productive days if I’m going to meet the NaNo goal.

I don’t really expect myself to hit that target, especially not with Holiday at the Bux coming up and working 40 hours a week. But, I can use NaNo to really bust out a good portion of a new novel. Who knows, I might even finish the rough draft before it’s time to work on editing ‘Vessels’.

And that would be something! Finish two rough drafts in a year? Maybe that will be my goal!

I was going to write more, and go into details about Lecture 10, but I just realized that I’m sitting in my Starbucks across town, and forgot to pay rent. So, I have to pack up and drive home, write a check (my least favorite kind of writing), and drop it off before I come back.

If I have time, I will post another blog today. And, even though I don’t work tomorrow, I’m meeting someone about designing wedding invitations at 2pm, so I’ll be here any way. So keep an eye on the blog, folks, it’s gonna be a busy week!



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