A Little Validation

So, after the parking fiasco, I just couldn’t seem to concentrate. So, I figured if I wasn’t going to write, I should at least learn about writing. I started by watching a TED-talk, my first one actually, from Ted Stanton. He’s one of the big Kahuna’s from Pixar, and he talked about Storytelling. It was pretty good, and I recommend it, if only for how touching it ends up. He’s an impressive dude.

So I took notes and generally felt good. Awake. Ready to learn. Once it was over I headed to the Write About Dragons page and decided to catch up. Or at least start catching up.

And it was a whopper of a lecture. Brandon talked about publishing, getting an Agent, Editors and all the things I’ve always wanted to know more about but never knew how to learn about it.

So, thanks Brandon.

I won’t go into details here, maybe later next week, when I’ve had more time to absorb. But there is one thing I wanted to talk about from the lecture. Something that struck me, and excited me.

Someone asked Brandon the following:

“So, we’re here, we’re working hard, and we’re going to finish our novels. But, it’s the first one, so when it’s done should we shelf it and just move on?”

Brandon very nearly interrupted him. “Submit it,” he said. To which he added, “set it aside, work on something new, and a couple months later, come back and edit it. Once you’ve done that, and you think it’s good, submit it.”

And it made me laugh, and my heart leap, and generally just evoked an emotional response in me, because this is what I planned to do. I’m doing the right things. I’m making good decisions. I don’t have to shelf it because I think, “it’s only my first novel, no one will pick it up.” Because Brandon said, “it could be really good.”

Sometimes, writing is like being a deep sea diver. You think you know what you’re doing. You’re told you’re good. But, you can’t see where you’re going, and really, when you’re alone down there, in the thick of it, you think you’re quite literally in over your head.

So it’s nice to hear from someone not related to me, or emotionally invested in me in anyway, that I shouldn’t give up. Even if he technically wasn’t talking to me.

That being said, my mom read the novel from start to finish and she thought it was “amazing”. I know she’s biased, but it still feels really good to hear.

Anyway, I’ve ignored the short story project all day. It intimidates me. There’s so much to do. So much bad writing to undo. Gah!

I will not allow myself to let these, almost, six hours pass without getting some work done!



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