Steelheart Release!

Today, Brandon Sanderson’s newest novel ‘Steelheart’ was released. Along with the book landing on shelves, Brandon sent out his own newsletter and tour dates to those on the email list.

I was sitting in my Starbucks, getting ready to work when I went through my inbox. And there was the news, and a little incentive. If I bought the book and took my picture with it I could be entered to win…. I don’t even know. All I saw was a reason to take a ridiculous picture with a new Brandon Sanderson book and send it to the man himself.

So, I packed up my stuff, drove to the nearest Target… the only Target in town actually, and bought the damn book.Photo on 2013-09-24 at 12.15

Obviously I’m pretty stoked. It’s a new Sanderson novel, so my excitement is through the roof. But the most exciting thing is he’s hitting two places here in rainy Oregon on his tour. Powell’s in Beaverton, which I’m skipping, and Fred Meyer’s (what?) in Happy Valley.

My first reaction was, where the hell is Happy Valley?

I googled it, and turns out it’s a little closer than Beaverton to my town, and the event is on a Monday, which I will soon have off. So, I’m GOING!

I don’t know who’s going with me, or who will be in the area, I have no Sanderson nerds here with me, but damn it, I am going!

And I am getting signatures, Gorammit!

Anyway, I need to focus up and get some work done today before my weekend. Hit me up in the comments if you’re going to attend a Sanderson signing this tour or if you have any signing stories of any author. I’ve never gone to one, so I’m super anxious!



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