No! Sleep! Till…

Here I am, sitting in my Starbucks bright and early on this dreary first day of fall. Clouds and rain and wind all come together to make my right hip ache with a fierce thrum. But, it’s nothing a little iced coffee and writing can’t fix. Or least help me ignore.

So, I’m sitting at my usual table with a mound of notebooks and binders on my right, lying in wait. Today is the day I start something new. Ish.

Yes, you read that right. Yesterday, I finished my first novel! I was typing along, trying to reach a point that wrapped things up effectively, and suddenly realized I was mid-sentence. I kept typing until the last period fell into place.

Then I immediately had to quell the urge to puke. Nausea rolled through me, but faded quickly, leaving behind moist eyes and a tingling sensation running along my entire body. It was almost like I’d had a beer too many, at least for a moment.

I guess you could say I was pretty emotionally invested in my novel.

But, once all of these bizarre physical reactions faded I was left with an amazing sense of accomplishment. I did it! Six months (ish) later, I finished the rough draft of a NOVEL! My innards are doing happy dances as we speak.

So, having accomplished what I set out to do, you’d think I’d take a break. Sleep in. Play Mass Effect. Read a book.


Gotta keep plugging on. Luckily my next project is neither so long, nor quite so creatively challenging. It’s not entirely new, which I think helps. It’s a short story, currently referred to as ‘The Ghost Story’, which is a sad excuse of a title. I tried to write it nearly four years ago in my Intermediate Fiction class. But, I think the idea was a bit too ambitious for my writing skills then. And so there’s just pages of handwritten scribble, a rough sketch of what the story could be, and it never reached the end.

So today, and over the next few weeks, I’m going to type up what I have so I know what I’m working with, and start refining and finishing this short story.

That should start today, but work is chock-a-block full of distractions, so we’ll see what progress gets made.

And, even with a new project looming, I’m still glowing with that wonderful sense of success!

Just gotta keep on writing!



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