Milestones and Works in Progress

All right,

After a nice ‘weekend’ spent playing Borderlands 2 with the boy, seeing The World’s End again, and then a night out at the casino, it’s back to the real work.

Starbucks, sure, but writing as well. Chapter 18 starts today! Hopefully it will end sometime this weekend, but Trevor’s schedule changes Sunday, so my schedule is going to get tweaked.

What I really wanted to talk about here was a milestone I hit this week. The blog officially hit 1,000 views on Tuesday!

I wanted to thank all of you who stop by and at least glance at all the things I have to say. I hope that it helps you, maybe even inspires you, or at least entertains you to some extent.

1,000 views over the course of almost 2 years, really isn’t much, I know. But, I haven’t been the most consistent poster, either. These last couple months that I’ve been writing on a schedule I have posted more than ever and have had more views per month than ever.

Things are steadily climbing up for me. The novel is almost done. Painfully close. And Sanderson’s class, though the community is starting to fail, has really convinced me to write consistently. I’ve written over half of my novel in the last two months!

And that’s just plain success in my book. I’m writing at least 5 days a week, generally busting out about a chapter a week. That’s still sort of slow going, but I’m picking up speed.

Already I’m planning what’s coming next. After the novel’s rough draft is done, I will return to some short stories that need love, in order to submit them in the spring. I might even take a workshop class in the winter if I really think I need it. And then, when those are done and submitted, I’m going to start the new novel. It’s clawing to get out, and I can’t wait to develop the world, characters, and magic system. But, it needs to wait. I need to get distance from ‘Vessels’ and work on smaller things so I can finish them quickly. Then, when the rough draft of the new novel is well underway, I’ll start editing ‘Vessels’.

And that will be an exciting adventure all its own.

Anyway, thanks blogland for reading. I’ll see you all wither tomorrow or Monday for the Week 8 Summary! Brandon talked about Plotting this week, and I learned a lot! Be ready for a pretty detailed post.

Much Love,



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