The Heart of the World

Today’s been good. I wrote almost a thousand words, though it doesn’t actually count for my word count.

See, in my novel, the main character finds a sort of journal and it helps her figure out how to achieve her goals in the story.

Problem was, I didn’t know what the book said. And so, I didn’t know how to solve the problems!

So today I sat down and penned out this journal. It actually went in a totally different and WAY better direction than I originally imagined.

I’m super excited by it! It really brings some elements of the story together that I didn’t even realize were going to be anything more than small details!

Anyway, I’m feeling really pumped by this new development. I’m about to eat lunch, then if I have time, will start on chapter 16.

I feel like the cloudiness that I mentioned yesterday has blown clear, and the end is now in sight!

I’m going to finish my first novel in the coming weeks!


Also, I finished the Way of Kings last night. Basically, I’m dumbfounded and so excited to see where this series goes. Now I just have to wait until March for the next installment…


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