Word Count Round-Up

I already posted once today, and it was a long one. But, I wanted to talk a little today, not about class, but about my actual writing.

I ordered my copies of Torrid Literature Journal, and they arrived today. It was surreal reading my name in print, and being able to run my fingers along the silky page and know that those were my words. It was a quiet and incredibly proud moment. It really felt like being published.

Not to downplay my gratitude to the other magazines that have picked up my work. I’m always thrilled and honored when any publication decides to publish something of mine.

But, to be able to hold it, and to know that subscribers were sent their copies is really something special.

I struggled with my novel today. I sat in the lobby of my Starbucks, on my day off, for almost 6 hours. A lot of that time was spent writing the aforementioned post and staring at my laptop with a numb feeling tingling in my brain. Then I played with a coworker’s baby for a while, which was fun. Thanks for the distraction JackJack!

And then, finally, the words started coming. What started as a stiff 1500 words fought me tooth and nail to become 1900. But, that wasn’t good enough. I have a personal goal that I absolutely must hold myself to. Every chapter must be at least 2000 words.

So I mumbled and cursed, then mumbled some more. And suddenly 1900 became 2300. And I could breathe again. 

And then the words wouldn’t stop. I finished chapter 13 and immediately moved on to chapter 14 before I told myself that six hours was enough. Chapter 14 currently sits at just under 500 words, which is a good start.

Which means, I wrote 1300 words of my novel today, capping the manuscript at 30,581 words total. And I had a revelation.

The rough outline I created isn’t holding up. I imagined the events in the book to move more quickly. Chapter 14 was supposed to be 5 chapters from the end. Then it was 6 chapters from the end. And now it’s feeling more like 14 chapters from the end.

This is exactly what I wanted to happen. The book is getting bigger as I write. It’s still following the rough outline of events. The story isn’t changing, it’s expanding. Growing into something entirely different from anything else I’ve attempted.

Of course it’s rough. It needs love, and I KNOW there are scenes that will eventually be cut, I could probably list them for you right now. I know what works and what doesn’t, but I also know that all of that can change.

For once, I’m not letting the gaps and inconsistencies hold me back. I’m taking note of them, making recommendations to myself as to how to fix them, and then moving on. I can’t stop now. I have a novel to finish.

Also, if we can’t these blogs today then I will have written over 3,000 words today alone. That’s pretty awesome!

Anyway, I need to start shutting my brain down. I open in the morning, which means my alarm will be going off in 6 hours from now.

Good night Blogland, see you later this week.





3 thoughts on “Word Count Round-Up”

  1. It’s such a wonderful feeling when the words flow, isn’t it? I haven’t had that for a while, but I truly know it. And value it. Congrats on such a productive writing day! I hope more of the same follows for you. 🙂

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