Good Luck and Determination

It’s been a while blogland, and for that I apologize. Yet again.

I’ve been trying to balance work, planning a wedding, going to the gym, writing, and attempting to have a social life. The gym going and the writing have been neglected quite a bit.

This being an adult stuff can be pretty difficult.

But, I have a purpose in writing this today.

In March I submitted Fallen Star, my only unpublished story, to about 15 different Literary Journals/Magazines. I have receive rejection after rejection, as is to be expected. This writing business is really just a test to see how much rejection you can take and continue to be productive.

Anyway, three months later and I’d given up hope for Fallen Star. Week after week there’d be an email with hopeful headings. “RE: Fiction Submission” only to open it to read, “We at (insert lit mag here) greatly appreciate the chance to read your work, unfortunately we decided that ‘Fallen Star’ just wasn’t a good fit for our current issue. Please feel free to send us your work in the future. Good Luck, (insert lit mag here).”

All in all, a really nice way to be told they didn’t like your story. My feelings were never hurt, and I never truly felt discouraged, but as the time went on I just felt myself forgetting about it.

And then I received another email. This one was a couple days ago from Torrid Literature. I was on my lunch break at Starbucks, sitting in the lobby. I opened it half-heartedly, expecting the same old story: “Thanks, but no thanks.” Until I read the following:

[Please read the following letter carefully. Please note that we will not be able to publish your work until we receive a response from you.] 

That caught my attention pretty quickly.

And so, it is true that Fallen Star has found a home with TL Publishing! It will be available starting July 1, 2013, both online and in print. Trust me, I will be on here promoting their site endlessly come that day. Just giving you fair warning!

This is my fourth piece to be published, and it is the last of my “finished” stories that I have. This means that I really need to keep writing, if I want to keep this momentum going.

I still have the Kevin Foxx novel in progress, though I’ll admit that it has not been on my mind. Vessels has been on pause lately, due to overwhelming anxiety about chapter 11, though I penned a good portion of it today. And I have a short story in progress, though it is very rough. I’ll admit too, that the story will be difficult to place due to its occult nature. The major publishing world eats the paranormal up, but the “Literary” world doesn’t take too kindly to it.

And so, I keep plugging on. Undoubtedly I will falter, as I’ve done in the past. I will lapse in all forms of writing, this blog inevitably included. But, something or someone will convince me it’s worth continuing. That I really should keep writing, no matter what.

And I’ll tell you, I forgot how wonderful it felt to live in a world of my creation, even if for only a few minutes as I imagine a scene or conversation.

Somehow all my quirks and idiosyncrasies, while making my everyday life difficult, or unseemly, are the perfect combination for writing fiction. And, if I don’t write, they will overwhelm me, until I break down and write again.

A cycle that makes very little sense, but is all my own. I love to write, but I rarely do it continuously. I feel better when I do, but always come up with some excuse not to.

Surely, I am not the only one.



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