Going (Back) to School


Thanks to a good friend’s excitement for school, I started poking around. I live in Oregon, about and hour or so from the coast, so my school options are surprisingly bountiful.

There’s Oregon State in Corvalis, about an hour away. Then there’s University of Oregon just over an hour south in Eugene. There’s Western Oregon University twenty minutes west in Monmouth. In town there’s Willamette University, and Corban University. Then there’s George Fox University about thirty minutes west. In Portland there’s Portland State University and Lewis & Clark College.

So, out of all of these school’s only the two Christian ones are truly out for me. Neither provide a creative writing program that interests me, and the religious components to coursework generally puts me off. Goodbye Corban and George Fox.

Now, I work for Starbucks, so I don’t really make the big bucks. I make a decent amount for what I do, and I LOVE my job. But, I don’t want to go to a school that costs more than I make in a year.

Sayanora Willamette and Lewis & Clark.

So, State schools.

I know that Oregon State is a bit more renowned for its science programs. Also, in my opinion, Corvalis isn’t all that great. Plus, I’d be a Beaver….

Moving on.

U of O? Their Creative Writing program seems a bit lacking. Instead of a “Focus” or “Concentration”, I’d receive a Bachelor’s in English with a Minor in writing. It just doesn’t seem right.

So, Western and Portland State.

Both are rather affordable, and both have good programs. To be honest Portland State’s program seems amazing! They have really varied classes and an awesome core of Publishing courses.

But Western wins, and here’s why:

For almost the same amount of money, I would receive my Bachelor’s in English with a Focus in Writing, a Minor in Linguistics, and my Certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language.

It’s going to be a lot of work. I still have to see what my transfer from Chandler-Gilbert will cover. But, if it doesn’t cover any of the literature, then I’ll be at Western for two and a half years, busting butt on 16 hour terms.

That’s a lot of reading and writing.

But, Portland State is still entrancing. I’m considering them for my Masters, if I ever get that far.

But, let’s take it one thing at a time. I still have to take two years of a foreign language for my Bachelor’s, so I’ll be starting ASL (American Sign Language) in the fall.

Basically, these next five years are going to be pretty busy. It’ll help ’em go by fast!

Now, to stop ignoring this chapter. It’s where the trouble really starts, and Val’s life starts to unravel. It’s gonna be great!



1 thought on “Going (Back) to School”

  1. I am transferring from UO to OSU but the UO actually has a pretty neat Creative Writing program — you can minor in Creative Writing if you want! They also have an intensive (selective) yearlong program for undergraduates called the Kidd tutorial. Good luck at whatever school you end up at. I hope you have a wonderful set of experiences!

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