Three Days

So, Chapter 7 is still only half done.  In fact, I think I’ve added a single line over the last three days. Are you ready for it? Are you sure? It’s pretty awesome…

“Her body popped and cracked as she systematically moved her stiff joints.”

Twelve words in three days. Normally I’d be in a downward spiral of doubt and self-deprecation, but, I’ve made so much progress over the last couple weeks, that I can’t let a few days away bring me down.

Also, my ‘Beta’, Emily gave me my first round of feedback via text:

“Holy. F**king. Sh*t. Ok so I really like your story. I promise to give better and more constructive feedback, but I just wanted to say, writing: you’re doing it right.”

How can I not be glowing? That is some fantastic feedback for the stage I’m in. The story is in such a fledgling state that I don’t really want to hear what isn’t working. If I’m told that a certain section of the story doesn’t work, then my thoughts are immediately taken from the story left to write, and focuses on what needs fixing.

For once I want to take my professors’ advice and write the story in its entirety before I start revising. I imagine that they all said it for a reason.

Anyway, I’m about to go into work. Then, after work, I’m going to buy new work shoes, and then I’m going home to write… hopefully.

Did I mention that I’m ready for a nap?



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