Appreciate the Little Things

Today has been an oddly good day!

Now, I would say that I’m a fairly optimistic person. I tend to try and think the best of any given situation or person.

But really, today has been awesome!

I woke up to discover that my cousin is having twins, a boy and a girl. She texted the whole family with an adorable picture of her 4 year old son jumping out of a decorated box holding blue and pink onesies. It was quite

Then I did laundry, worked out while I waited for the clothes to finish, and read more of Mistborn.

Ok, it doesn’t seem like anything extraordinary yet, I know. But I’m getting to it!

I get ready for work, and head out to the car. And it was SUNNY! Like blue skies and warm rays! Already I’m feeling like today is gonna be good. So I drive to work with the windows cracked and the moonroof half open, enjoy the day.

THEN, I walk into work and all of my coworkers are clapping for me, for no reason whatsoever. Pretty much the best way to start a workday ever.

So I get my iced coffee (3 pumps classic and cream) and sit down to write. I type away for a few moments, really focusing on how I want chapter four to end, and where Val’s going to go from there. And suddenly it all just clicks! Everything makes sense, and Val and myself are simultaneously renewed with purpose!

And so I close the chapter with that feeling of ominous intent. Danger and intrigue. All that good stuff. As I finish the chapter I look back at the word count for the entire story so far, and see that I’ve crossed the 9,000 word mark!

So, in celebration I clap to myself and start writing this blog, feeling as if every thing is right and good with the world.

Thanks for reading this, and remember to find joy in the little things!



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