It’s That Time Again!


It’s spring… ish. And you know what that means! It’s time to get stories ready for submission!

Granted, I only have one story that’s ready for spring submission. The only other story I have, I’m aiming for fall submission date.

So, Fallen Star, my Department Chair’s favorite story of mine, is the last one left. The only of my completed stories to not be published. I’ve searched the internet tonight, looking for Journals and Magazines accepting submissions and have chosen 16 to submit to. Most will get back to me by late April or May, which is pretty good.

So tomorrow will be spent working, and then coming home to do any final tweaking, though the story has been ready to go for some time now. And then a couple hours of submitting, and keeping track of likely response times…

It’s always so exciting!

I also found a journal that publishes novel excerpts only. I think it’s a great idea, and might even send a few chapters from the Foxx novel… why not? The worst they can say is ‘no’, right?

Anyway, have a great night all. Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.




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