And Just Like That…


I’ve submitted Fallen Star to 15 magazines tonight. I’ve always held this story to higher standards than others, and so have been a bit ambitious with the quality of Journals I’ve sent to. I fully anticipate rejections from almost all of these magazines. And that’s ok. Some of them even say that they’ll provide feedback, which is AWESOME!

I also found this pretty neat journal called WIPS Journal. It stands for Works In Progress. They only publish novel excerpts or short stories intended for a collection. They accept up to 7,500 words which turned out to be perfect. My new story is at 7,297 words right now, and so I decided why the heck not?

Yes, it’s rough. And yes, it’s sort of a genre piece, which they claim to have no interest in. But, the worse they can say is ‘no’. Which will be fine, because it’s rough, and it’s sort of a genre piece.

Anyway, you never know what can happen, so why not try?

If you’re a writer ready to submit, here’s where you can find magazines with calls for submission.

Have a great night everyone! I’m sure I’ll be on again soon!

And wish me luck!



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