A Reminder, Once Again


Once again I am reminded of how many awesome people I am surrounded by! Old friends, new friends, family, and loved ones. All of you are here, creating an intricate weaving of support and encouragement, with healthy doses of reality. I truly appreciate you all. Without your constant reminders of my own ability, I would have given up years ago.

As it is, I don’t see myself giving up any time soon. I’ve got the initial novel, which is just too ridiculously close to finishing to be allowed to fade away now. I have the poorly titled ‘Ghost Story’ which has taken on a life of its own, and may end up being my longest ‘short’ work yet. I now have ‘Vessels’ (also poorly named), which has ignited within me something I haven’t felt in a long time; drive.

To add to these works in progress are four ‘completed’ works. ‘Goodbye Marla’, ‘Wild Turkeys’, ‘You’ve Always Been Good at Crazy’, and ‘Fallen Star’, three of which have been published.

To add to these are the ideas. The mere outlines and inklings. An outer space comedy told in three parts, the epic fantasy trilogy, the young adult novel ‘Seashells’, as well as the young adult series currently referred to as ‘Realm Wars’… Trust me, I know it’s an awful title.

I feel like there might be more than what I’ve listed, but my brain honestly can’t remember. That’s what my binder is for. In it all my stories, in their various forms, are stored. Some are ‘completed’ copies, fresh and clean. Others are revised copies, waiting to be edited in the computer and replaced in the binder. Still others are in handwriting, scribbled on college rule over a multitude of hardly organized sheets. And then there are the very few that are just vague ideas written on the back of Starbucks receipt paper.

It’s all far too much for one brain to keep track of, at least without previous study.

Anyway, I’ve rambled too much. This post started out with the intent of thanking those who have been involved in keeping me afloat all these years. So let me end it thusly:

Thank you. All of you. Teachers turned mentors. Classmates turned friends. Coworkers turned editors. Family members turned cheerleaders. And readers turned fan club.

Without all of you, all of this would be over.




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