A Whole New… Year!


At last the Holidays are over! I went on vacation the second week of the month, and now my life is finally regaining some normalcy.

With a new year, there’s always the question as to resolutions. I try not to make them, since I usually just disappoint myself. But, I’d really like to say here that I want to write more. Be it here, in a notebook, or in Scrivener. I’ve still got the novel to finish. It’s coming along slowly, but there is progress. I’ve got The Ghost Story, which is growing in stuttered leaps and bounds. And then there’s a couple more short stories lined up before taking the big leap and writing a trilogy. 

Dear God, I need to write more!

But I also want to write more here. This blog is so stop and go, mainly because I don’t take my computer with me to any of the places I go. I need to be more mobile with my mind. 

Since I’m not in school this semester I have some free time to really hash out these stories. At least that’s what I tell myself. But you guys know the drill. I’ll post a little somthin’ somethin’ and then disappear.

But, believe me or not, I’m going to try and be better this year.

I swear!




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