Success at Last!


The time has come. The email arrived. And not only one but two stories have been published this season in the Fall 2012 edition of the Gila River Review! This is amazing news, and makes for a very Merry Christmas indeed! Both ‘Wild Turkeys’ and ‘You’ve Always Been Good at Crazy’ are now forever posted on the Review’s website, emblazoned with my name.

Please, click here to view this edition of the Review. Enjoy my stories, as well as the other works, especially those of my friends Audra and Lynne; congratulation ladies!


And along with this fabulous news comes a new responsibility. I must get to writing! I’ve only one finished story left that hasn’t been published, and if I want to submit next season, I’d best have more than one story! So the ‘Ghost Story’, as it’s so poorly called for now, is in full swing, with a longer “short” story being outlined for after, as well as a sci-fi comedy told in three parts for after that. Busy lady from here on out, that’s me!


Thanks to everyone who follows this blog and helps keep my pen to paper, wouldn’t be here without you.




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