The Return, At Last


I’m back, and not just in reference to this blog.

The Gila River Review has picked up at least one of my stories. I sent them two, and won’t know until the first week of December which one they chose, and it could even be both!

This is beyond exciting news! Obviously it feels great to know that a team liked my work enough to put it in their magazine. But the other thing is this, if the Review picked both stories, that leaves me with only one story that hasn’t been published. Which means it’s time to start writing!

And so today I wrote a quick page and a half of my “Ghost Story” while sitting at Starbucks. It’s the most I’ve written in months, and it feels amazing! To quote a great movie, “I’m back in the game!”

Now to just get down a rhythm and keep myself accountable!


Thanks for following along,




P.S. Happy Holidays, if I don’t post again before they’ve passed.


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