Deciding Not to Wait

Hey Blogland,

I have now heard back from Damselfly Press, The Storm Cellar Quarterly, and Unmanned Press. They have all turned down my story Fallen Star.

Now before we get all down in the dumps, lets remember that this is what we do. We write something, we initially feel great about it. Great enough to send it out to let the world see it. And then we get rejection letter after rejection letter, until we’re convinced we’ve been foolish. We mope. We berate ourselves, begging what were we thinking?

But, lets skip over that and own what it is we do. We write stories, and then search to give them the perfect home.

And so, I’m still waiting to hear back from the Gila River Review about “You’ve Always Been Good at Crazy” and “Wild Turkeys”. But in the meantime, it’s time to continue submitting!

So let’s leave it at this: the more you submit, the better your chances are!




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