Submission Time!


Just like last year, I’m sitting in a Starbucks editing stories for submission!

So far I’ve edited Fallen Star, and have submitted it to both Damselfly Press and Storm Cellar Quarterly. Wish me luck!

I just finished editing and retyping Wild Turkeys, but am going to have some friends read it before I submit it.

So all that’s left is You’ve Always Been Good at Crazy, which needs some careful tweaking, then it’s ready to go as well!

I’m excited to submit these stories! I’m ready to get them up to snuff and move on to new stories and the novel! It’s nice to know I have an arsenal of stories ready for submission, but to have an even larger repertoire of outlines and half finished pieces ready to complete!

Again, I’m really excited, and please wish me luck guys!





P.S. In case you guys didn’t notice, and want to read Fallen Star, I’ve removed it from the bog for the time being since it’s currently being considered for publication. If it is published I’ll post info of where to find it. And if it gets passed up, I’ll put it back in the blog!

Thanks again,



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