Relapse and New Beginnings


Sorry for the gap in posts. I’ve been a bad little writer. I’ve ignored my novel for a solid month. I didn’t finish it by today, and so in the spirit of being bad have extended my personal deadline to Christmas. I know… bad decision. But sometimes you have to shoot yourself in the foot a little.

In the interim I’ve focused on life here in Oregon. I’m making new friends and missing old ones. I’m enjoying a life that suddenly feels so more adult. So many milestones, most small and only important to me. Having my own car and medical insurance policies chief among them. It’s taken more out of me to adjust to life here than I’d originally anticipated. What I thought was life settling down, was really just my brain realizing that this is where I live. And after that came accepting it.

I’ve spent the last month or so being intermittently morose and euphoric. A pride and joy like I’ve never known has filled me with every wooded view and cool breeze, and yet, in the still of the night I imagine the dry warmth of Arizona evenings. A sheer layer of sweat covering my body in a way I may never know here. The embrace of desert crickets, so much more high-pitched in their cries than the wood dwelling one in the bush outside my apartment here. And stars… drive into the middle of nowhere in Arizona and I could point out constellations to you from muscle memory. But here the heavens are cockeyed and foreign. It’s the little things that tell me that I’m farther from home than I bargained for. And so, as often as I’m thrilled in learning this new land, I’m saddened at all I’ve left behind.

But enough of my griping. This is a blog about writing!

Today is the first of September, meaning that fall is just around the corner, and most schools are back in session. This means that Literary Journals and Magazines are opening their pages to new works! And this means that I need to get to editing and submitting stories! Which is exactly what I did today!

I have three stories I’m prepping for submissions. Wild Turkeys needs quite a bit more work before I’ll send it, but it will be ready before the month is out. You’ve Always Been Good at Crazy is nearly done, but a piece as short as that one, every word must be carefully considered, so it still needs more attention. And then there’s Fallen Star. Just a single line needs added and it’s ready to go. I’m not sure where I want to send this story, because I think it’s great… But I’m not sure I have the self-confidence to send it to any magazines I feel are “above” me.

Anyway, once these are all ready and out, I’ll get back to the novel. Because it’s not until the novel is done that I’ll let myself start writing anything new. But, I know which work is next in line! I’m really excited to try it out. It’s a great idea, but complicated in application. The story is paranormal in nature, and my friend December will be excited to know that this story is the next one I’ll be working on. She’s been waiting a couple years to see it finished.

Outside of the novel and this one story I have a novella/teen piece, a Fantasy trilogy, a teen novel, and another Fantasy series planned. Obviously this is several years’ worth of work, but at least I know where I’m headed!

If any of you readers are writers looking to submit this Fall, don’t forget to consider The Gila River Review! I’ll be posting about it, so keep an eye out for more info. And if you’d like more lists of journals and magazines, check out this website!


Anyways guys, thanks for reading, as always. I really do appreciate it.




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