Recognize What Keeps You Going


I’m usually on here rambling off tips and advise for writers. But, where do I get all this information? Let me assure you that I am not a fountain of knowledge, merely a student attempting to take the wisdom imparted to her and make it her own.

I cannot stress enough the importance of teachers and classmates. Of course there’s something to be said for the writers without formal education. They have a natural talent that is to be admired. But don’t forget that schooling can only enhance and refine what comes naturally. I absolutely recommend that writers at least take a class at their local community college since most offer at least a basic creative writing course. Chandler Gilbert Community College offers a more in depth course listing that can lead to an Academic Certificate in Creative Writing, and Chemeketa Community College here in Salem offers a series of Workshop courses.

It’s through these courses that you build your network, people who become more than just teachers and classmates. They transform into friends, colleagues, and mentors. It’s these people who are most vital to your success. They inspire, coach, share, and coax. When you’re stuck, and absolutely positive that you’re the worst writer, that you’ve made a major mistake in thinking you’d ever make money doing this, these people are there to remind you why you’re writing at all.

And I can say, now that I’m so far from my network, 1,310 miles to be exact, I can say that I miss them, and all the wisdom we shared. 

But, we’re still in contact. We maintain a GoogleGroup where class documents are uploaded and chapters are shared. So, even this far away, I’m still going to be a part of class conversations. I can’t wait for the fall semester to get my writing back on track with everyone else’s.

Because I miss it more than I can say…





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