Unwanted Infatuation


On Tuesday I went and watched The Raven. It was amazing and threw me into a whirlwind of renewed obsession with Edgar Allan Poe. I have since been writing poetry, and reading my Complete Stories and Poems that I recently picked up (my other, less complete copy is in a box somewhere).

And so you may have noticed, if you’re following the Samplers, that I’m a bit proud of my effort in poetry, and therefore am posting here.

Please keep in mind while reading this that they are all children of the moment. I write poetry as pure expression, a spontaneous creation of words and rhythms. I have no intention of editing them, and even just the simple act of typing them kills some of the mystique for me.

And so with that, enjoy.

Burning Trilogy

Burning billows within my lungs
and my lips devour the pipe.
Water bubbles as I inhale
Absorbing the vapor into myself.
My posthumous breaths exhale
clouds of who I was
And in their shape I see
Hints of who I may yet

Burn my shadow away.
Leave it in the dust,
In the sun of the dying day.
Forget what I know
to learn anew
all the things
I will do to you.

Let this Summer’s Sun
Burn my shadow away,
And send me reeling
Into coastal rains.
Abandon every last fear
that’s kept us here,
And be born again
in Oregon.

Happy Hour

In this endless noise
I lose myself
Floating in and out
Of time and space.
Closed eyes absorb
the sights that sounds embrace
And I try, in vain,
To remember your face.


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