Dribbles and Rants



These last couple weeks have been crazy! Between transfer stress, 34+ hours of work and the semester winding down, I’m not sure I’ve been breathing. Add to it that my boyfriend leaves for Oregon on Saturday, I still don’t have a store transfer lined up, and I graduate on the 11th, I’m ready to implode.

I was late to a meeting with a teacher this morning, and it’s 95 degrees out. I’m miserable and really just want to be in bed. But, I have a geology class to attend and then movie plans with friends.

So, needless to say, my writing is on temporary pause due to sheer lack of time and energy. Once life settles down, writing will resume.

I will keep adding to the Sunday Sampler Page, since I tend to do some minimal writing each week, even if it’s just dribbles and rants scribbled on receipt paper at work. But, don’t judge me if the Samplers are barren or behind schedule…






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