My message to Jeff Flake

The following is a message I sent to my Representive, Jeff Flake. I know this isn’t necessarily related to my blog’s topic, but it is to me because SOPA affects my ability to post what I want, where I want. Here goes…

I’m contacting you today to express a deep and heartfelt concern.

My brother is 7 years old and has his own iPod touch. He buys games, music from iTunes, and browses the web. He’s 7 and can already find answers to questions faster than my 42 year old mother. My brother is just one example of his generation. He will grow up to do amazing things because he has access to technologies that were once just imagination.

That is, if our government will let him.

Have you ever read Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451? If you haven’t I recommend you do so, it’s not large. It shouldn’t take you long. In its pages you will find a frighteningly realistic depiction of a world hindered by its government. The cars speed by large billboards on even larger freeways. The people are forever plugged in to “seashells”, what we now know as headphones. And screens with entertainment programming take up entire rooms. Keep in mind that this book was written in the early 50s.

But the most frightful thing is, in Bradbury’s book, the government has prevented the ownership and reading of books.

Now, our government would never do that, right? Except that it’s already seriously considering it. Books in our current society aren’t as powerful as they were a mere decade ago. Very little learning is actually fostered by books. It pains me to admit it, but it’s true. I just read the story of the Three Little Pigs on the iPad to my two year old brother, complete with page turning and audio. It was far more interactive than any story I’ve been told.

But I digress. The point is, my generation, and every generation that follows learns through technology, and the Internet. If the government restricts access, it’s restricting knowledge. And restricting knowledge is a dangerous and stupid thing to do.

Think of all the countries that have risen up against their government because they were tired of being lied to and deceived.

The American people are too accustomed to their freedoms for them to remain complacent long. We’re a naturally paranoid people when it comes to government. We don’t trust it. So take away our freedom to educate ourselves the way we see fit, and it will only be a matter of time before we wonder what else the government is keeping from us.

And then everyone is in trouble.

Thank you for reading. I hope you take this as seriously as I do.

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