Catching Up with the Holidays!

Blogland! What’s crackin’?

Obviously I’ve been busy, since I haven’t been posting on here, which means there’s things to catch up on!

Last Wednesday I attended CGCC’s First Annual NaNoWriMo Write-In! For two straight hours, about a dozen of us sat in an abandoned classroom, writing our little novelist hearts out. I won’t lie, my word count is terribly under par.  At the end of today my word count is 13,909. No where near the 30,000 I’m supposed to have, but I’m still feeling successful. With 9 chapters containing content, and another 6 fully outlined, this novel doesn’t seem like such an impossible task anymore.

So the Write-In was a success! Then I quit my second job since it was pointless for me to only work 4 hours a week, and I hated it anyway. I caught up on quite a bit of homework I’d been negelcting, and am now preparing an early Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend while listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I know, I know. Christmas music before Thanksgiving? That’s a veritable crime! But there’s something about this holiday season that has me feeling like everything is right with the world…

Maybe it’s the sudden lack of stress. I ignored homework for a few weeks (don’t worry, my grades are still intact), read that Brandon Sanderson book (it was AWESOME, buy it!), and have logged over 30 hours on Skyrim (nerds will get me on this one). Add on top of that quitting a crappy job for a just reason. Point is, I’ve allowed myself to decompress from all the stress and complications that this semester, and even this year, has thrown at me. Now all I want is the semester to end, a big cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend (3 sugars and cream, please), and maybe some snow.

I know. I live in Arizona. There won’t be snow, but a girl has to dream!

So what’s ahead for this week?

I have a pretty big assignment due in the morning that I haven’t started yet, but I’m confident that I’ll get it done in time.

Then on Wednesday my novel writing class is having its own mini Write-In. Our first one was today, and for me at least, it was a failure. All I did was talk to my friend Adam about Skyrim for an hour and a half. But, hopefully Wednesday will find us more focused and ready to get those words in!

As far as craft discussion this week, since I’m not actually attending classes this week due to the holiday, I probably won’t post one. Don’t quote me on this, but don’t expect one either. And original work? I have some stuff working, that I want to edit up and get out, so we’ll see what happens. Most likely a scene from the novel.

And, just as an FYI, these next coming months are a bit hectic for me. We’ve got Thanksgiving this week, then the whole month of December is wrought with Birthdays and Christmas in my family. Then I have to be out of my apartment by January 30th. So late December and all of January will be devoted to moving. So, posts might be scarce as my life gets temporarily uprooted until May… honestly, probably a little after May.

But, if there are good books (hurry up with the next book Sanderson), music, and coffee I’m sure I’ll be writing, so don’t go forgetting about me!



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