Workshops and Word Counts

Tonight’s Original Work will follow as promised, but first a small blurb about this week.

NaNo is here and I’m almost behind. Today was the third day, and I counted three days worth of words, so starting tomorrow I need to get the creative juices flowing. Any helpful tips? Luckily I’m off from work tomorrow, and going to a character building workshop and reading, so that just might be the creative jolt I need!

Tonight’s scene is one from my novel. The moment when the sh*t hits the proverbial fan. I hope you guys enjoy it!

As I walked down the hallway to my front door my eyes went to the turn in the hall. Sure enough, there was that grin, with one tooth missing. The girl had greeted me with a wave and a grin every evening this week. I didn’t understand what she found so fascinating about me, but I always waved back, and she always blushed and remained silent. Tonight was no different. She waved enthusiastically, her hand snapping back and forth at the wrist, her entire arm shaking with her energetic hello. I waved back, my usual calm and efficient “hiya”. Her cheeks flushed. She giggled a little and then a door opened and she went running out of sight. This was my cue to continue with my evening as planned.

Nightfall found me alone in my apartment, making a simple dinner of chicken and rice with a bottle of whisky at my disposal. I had just made a plate for myself and was about to turn on the TV when a high-pitched scream came from the hall. I jumped at the sheer volume of the scream, spilling steaming rice into my lap. Brushing the burning meal off my crotch, I stood and looked at the door. The scream came again, though muffled. The wood floors in the hall echoed with sounds of a struggle. I stormed to the front door, throwing it open just in time to hear a gruesome snap.

“Let go!” the girl cried at the top of her lungs. I stood in the doorframe to see her arm held at an unnatural angle by a very angry looking man. He heard the door open and looked at me. He had dirty blonde hair, receding at the temples, and matching scruff lining his jaw. His brown eyes seared into me, as if he could make me poof into thin air. He dropped the girl’s arm and I watched in horror as it fell to her side, limp. My jaw muscle twinged as I clenched my teeth. My fingers curled slowly into fists, watching the girl flinch as her father put a hand on her shoulder.

“Everything okay here?” I asked, making my voice deeper and more commanding than it normally is. It was a dumb question; nothing was okay in this hallway.

“This is none of your business,” her father spat at me. His voice slithered into my ears and over my skin, raising hairs on the back of my neck and making me desperate for a shower. Here was a man who made good on his wicked promises.

“What was your name again?” I asked the girl, ignoring her father for the moment. She looked up at her father, but he never took his eyes from me, so she answered my question.

“Evie,” she sniffled. Tears were caked on her face and she kept taking heaving, huffing breaths in an attempt to prevent further waterworks.

“You all right, Evie?” I watched as her father’s hand tightened on her shoulder. On cue, she nodded. I looked her in the eye; she was being brave but she was still a terrible liar. I looked at her father, “I will take action if I see something like this again.” I gave him my best leer; attempting to send him the same fear-inducing vibe he gave me. He glared back, a pro.

I nodded back at Evie, settling for my threat, and then shot her father a last warning glare. He leered back at me and then ushered Evie into the now functioning elevator.  I watched the doors close, Evie’s eyes never leaving mine, and so they disappeared into the world.

I closed the door and leaned against it, telling myself to calm down. My stomach churned and my fists clenched and unclenched rhythmically. I counted to ten, but that didn’t help, so I counted to fifty; that’s how long it took before I knew that I wouldn’t chase that man down and beat the living shit out of him.

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