Accountability and Your Work

All right blog readers, it’s Craft Discussion time! Yay!

First, I want to set the scene for you, because…. I want to set the scene for you. Isn’t that good enough? I’m sitting at the desk, an old 70s wood number, drinking my favorite coffee on the planet (thank you Starbucks) eating cinnamon coffee cake. I just got home from work and am ready to talk craft!

So, in Novel Writing yesterday we were given an assignment in preparation for NaNo WriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those of you not privy to the acronym). More on NaNo WriMo later. The assignment is to create a writing log which must include when we write, how long we write for, and our word count. We’ll be keeping this log until Halloween in order to see when we write the most.

Now, what does this really have to do with craft outside of NaNo? Well, it’s an overall good idea. It keeps you accountable for your work, and helps you set goals. It’s hard to set goals when you don’t know how many words you have written already or how many you average per minute (I’m at about 17wpm- handwritten).

Also, and this is weird to me, but keeping a log makes me want to write more. I’m so curious to see how much I write, and when I write, that I’m writing more just to fill the log. I’m sure that’s not what the instructor had in mind when he gave us this assignment, but that’s what’s happening!

Also in class on Monday we workshopped my first chapter (which is posted on this blog). I was extremely nervous for this workshop, but it went really well! Overall I wasn’t told anything I didn’t already sort of know, but they helped me look at my novel in a more objective view and helped me build some new, stronger scenarios! Unfortunately, with the New Voices Reading this week, 43 hours of work, and NaNo around the corner, I don’t think I’ll be getting around to editing the first chapter for a while. But, that’s ok, because I have about 17 more chapters that need to be written, and I plan to get most of them done in November thanks to NaNo.

All right, all right. I’ve mentioned it enough. National Novel Writing Month takes place every November. It’s a competition against yourself to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Yep, there are four zeros. 50,000 words. 30 days. That’s 1,667 words per day, according to my handy dandy NaNo WriMo Calendar I’ve printed out. So, about how many pages is that? Well, just under 2,000 words is 7 pages. So… that’s about 176 pages. I think.

…This is a blog about writing! Not math!

Point is, November is generally a busy month for anybody, what with Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. Add three Birthdays and 50,000 words. Don’t be surprised if I go missing for a while.

But don’t despair fair reader, I will do my best to post here diligently throughout NaNo, if only to keep you updated on my progress!

As promised there will be an Original Work up before the end of the week. “Wild Turkies”, an original short story of mine, is scheduled to appear, though I have a scene from my novel that is just itching to be posted. We’ll see how the week goes, and I will see you all again sometime this weekend!

Thanks for reading,



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